Emily's Spirits Of The Snow

A beautiful award winning children's book by the talented artist, poet, and botanist Pamela Meacher.

Emily learns how some native plants hide poisons inside their pretty petals.

In the last book of Emily' adventures the she will magically visit the Tundra north of the tree line. Here she will see 2″ full grown trees, meet ice bears, Snodgrumple, Murk and Muck. She will also have a small introduction into the Inuit Culture.

Emily's Spirits of the Snow is the last in a trilogy. Emily meets the faeries of the autumn season before travelling to the Tundra. She will also meet ice queens and ice bears.

An expert painter and botanist, Pamela's images are all botanically accurate.

These delightful award-winning books have 40 watercolour illustrations that follow Emily's adventures. They are hard-covered and hand-bound with dust jackets.

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Artist Bio

Pamela is an irrepressible dedicated conservationist who paints with watercolours.

Pixielated as a child, she adds goblins and faieries to her botanical renderings.

Why does she paint like a woman possessed? Her call is deep, her call is strong and it will not let her sleep too long.

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