Heart Key Earring

Who has the key to your heart? These 100% copper wire wrapped earrings are the perfect gift for the girl that holds your heart and even have hypoallergenic niobium ear wires. These earrings have been skillfully crafted by South Simcoe Arts Council member artist Daina Schreiber of Quirky Calico Designs.

Wash with warm, soap water & a soft toothbrush. Rinse with clean water. Dry & polish with a soft cloth.

Medium:Copper Wire, Niobium Ear Wire
Size:6.5cm-H x 2cm-W


Artist Bio

A dive into a creative rabbit hole led Daina to her own bejeweled wonderland.

All of her life, Daina has experimented with a plethora of creative art forms. A little over two years ago, she discovered wire wrapping. As a detail-orientated person, her imagination was quickly ignited and Quirky Calico Designs was born!

Daina's jewelry and d├ęcor pieces start with plain copper wire. She then uses a variety of techniques (including wire wrapping, Viking knit, patina, and hammering) to bring her pieces to life with a warm vintage feel.

As a professional geologist, Daina naturally gravitates towards gemstones. However, she's a firm believer that art should have no restrictions. A quick glance at her creations showcases her experimentation in the twisted world of wire.

Over the past year, Daina has started to host workshops on a variety of wire working techniques to share her own tips and tricks.

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