William Armson 1784 - 1858: Soldier, Settler, Politician

Authors Beverley Kent and Kenneth Armson

'William Armson, 1784-1858: Soldier, Settler, Politician is the story of a remarkable man. The first elected Warden of Simcoe County, William rose from humble beginnings in Nottingham, England, to the rank of Colour Sergeant while serving in the 95th Riffles in the Peninsular War. He survived his military career as a rifleman, including the infamous Battle of New Orleans, with no significant wounds. Then, at the age of 34, he stared a completely new life with his wife and child in the wilderness of 1819 Upper Canada. In the newly surveyed Township of West Gwillimbury he became a respected man of property and a political player in the early days of Simcoe County. The two storey house he built, circa 1845, to replace their original log home is one of the few pioneer mud block houses left in Ontario and possible the only two storey, five over five bay front, mud block structure still lived in today as a permanent home.'

copyright: Kenneth Armson & Beverly Kent and Tecumseth and West Gwillimbury Historical Society

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The Tecumseth and West Gwillimbury Historical Society (TWGHS) is a volunteer, not-for-profit, charitable corporation. We are dedicated to promoting public interest in and understanding of the history of the former Townships of Tecumseth and West Gwillimbury and are committed to protecting and preserving the two Townships' rich and varied heritage.

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