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If you are not an SSAC member and would like to know more about Membership and how to become a Vendor at FortyOne: Local Art Market we'd love to connect.

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Current Terms & Cond.

AS INFORMATION: All Vendors of SSAC/FortyOne are required to agree with our Terms & Conditions of becoming a Vendor.

For reference here are the details of our Vendor Agreement:

**We support our local artisan members with community, commercial, and teaching opportunities, through both downtown brick and mortar, and e-commerce consignment retail locations. In order to maintain a successful storefront, all inventory must go through a curation process which considers product quality, process, and current store inventory.

Together, we can help you build your brand, strengthen your network of fellow artists, and promote your craft/art.

Application Process

To submit art for acceptance in FortyOne, artists must fill out all required parts of this online submission form.

The retail team will review your request. We may request to view the inventory in person before making a final decision.

Requirements for Approved Vendors of FortyOne: THIS IS NEW :)

  • 30% commission is taken off gross sale amount with vendor payouts made quarterly. Stale dated cheques will not be re-issued.

  • As a consignment store SSAC does not collect taxes on sales. Vendors who are required to charge HST must follow government protocols and inform SSAC of HST status.

  • Vendors must maintain a current membership with the SSAC. [link to SSAC Membership page]

  • Vendors must have a signed current vendor agreement submitted with the SSAC

  • SSAC will review the Vendor Agreement annually, vendors will be given 30 days notice prior to any changes and must agree to all changes in order to remain a current store vendor.

  • Vendors are required to volunteer at least 4 hours/month or pay an additional vendor fee of $20/month for any month missed.

  • Vendors must fully complete the on-line submission for each approved inventory. This includes quality photos, product descriptions, and size. **SSAC reserves the right to accept some, all, or none of the submitted inventory. This will be based on inventory needs, seasonal time frames, or quality of product. ** Training and assistance will be available for those that require help.

  • Once inventory is approved by a qualified team member, vendor will receive delivery terms to be complied with.

  • Inventory should be packaged professionally including artists name and price. We require a 2" x 1" blank space to attach a barcode.

  • All wall art must be framed and wired according to store policy, and include the artist's name and title of the piece clearly labelled on the back. [link to document]

  • We may ask you to provide display structures if required.

  • Vendors must ensure they understand and follow all governing policies, rules and regulations regarding their craft.

  • With all retail establishments, loss due to accidental damage and theft is a risk. The vendor accepts all risk associated with their product while on display or stored with FortyOne: Local Art Market and SSAC.

  • SSAC will display items based on shop demand and layout, taking steps to best promote all of our artists fairly and equally. We can take custom display requests into consideration but do not guarantee layout/furnishing requests.

  • All works displayed at FortyOne must be for sale.

  • All artwork must be the work of the artist. We do not accept items made from kits. If you follow someone else's pattern, you must follow their instructions regarding retails sales of the product.

  • Acceptance is conditional based on the product submitted; it is not guaranteed with membership.

  • Periodic reviews of inventory will be maintained. Should the SSAC at any point determine inventory is no longer viable, we will contact the vendor to arrange collection of goods.

  • Inventory is accepted on a four-month cycle. Each quarter when your cheque is ready for pick up you must come to the store, take an inventory of your current product, and remove any items that have been earmarked for removal by the retail team.

  • Cheques not picked up within 6 months will not be reissued

    Inventory removal steps:

    Vendor will be notified by email twice, followed by a phone call. If contact has not been obtained 14 days after phone call, inventory will be stored in the basement at 41 Victoria St. E., Alliston for 90 days. After 90 days all inventory becomes the property of the South Simcoe Arts Council and may be sold or disposed of at their sole discretion. Costs associated with storage or return of goods are the responsibility of the consignee.

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