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I'm Sal, the Artist behind The Creative Atelier. Not only do I love to bake but I love to create! How did this all start? The Creative Atelier started out as Upcycle atelier several years ago, where I took everyday items for the home and I created something extra ordinary. Well actually, it started way before that.

My fondest childhood memory was spending endless hours in my makeshift art studio in the basement creating, sketching and painting while listening to some of my favourite artist. It was a place were my passion for beautiful things developed, from art to fashion to design. Since those days, I have moved homes many time and each time I would find a space to call my studio were I can explore new techniques and create original art, sometimes on canvas and sometimes on furniture and other home items.

If I'm not in my art studio, you will for sure find me baking in the the kitchen. Just like trying new techniques in the studio, I love to try and perfect new recipes. As a teen, I had an obsession with recipe books. I would spend hours at the book store and library skimming through the pages of recipe books, researching and developing menus for my next dinner party. I remember the excitement when I discover a recipe for Majolaine, aka Dacquose, a French cake made with layers of baked hazelnut meringue, filled with praline buttercream and chocolate ganache. The challenge was on and I was determined to perfect it. Well after 5 hours the cake was done and I was in love with desserts. I made that recipe for years and it became my go to recipe for special occasion.

I love creating beautiful things and I love to bake, so it was only a matter of time before the two merged into one. Today you will find me creating cakes in The Creative Atelier kitchen. Although, while creating, my kitchen often looks more like an art studio than a kitchen.

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