Angela van Breemen

Close to the Sky Consulting offers a variety of services to small and medium sized businesses, ranging from website design and maintenance, data base management, to printed and on-line newsletters.

Angela is also a Soprano Soloist. A firm believer in giving back to the community, she often sings for different charitable organizations. She is truly delighted to be a member of the Christ Church Choir and Bolton Community Choir. For a listen to Angela’s voice, visit

Angela is an avid writer of poetry and recently joined the Wordsmiths Writers’ Group based out of Alliston.

Volunteer for Procyon Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Centre, a group dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and safe release of orphaned and injured Ontario wildlife.

Editor of British Driven, a newsletter she established in December of 2013 for the Headwaters British Car Club (HBCC) and web coordinator for the car club’s website.

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Home: 519-941-0658


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