Music Festival 2018

The South Simcoe Arts Council Music Festival is an exciting opportunity for students to perform for, and receive positive feedback from, professional adjudicators in a non-competitive environment. As a member of the Ontario Music Festival Association, we have been able to recommend our top performing students to the Provincials where they have an opportunity to compete with students across Ontario!

We are excited to announce our Festival Awards for 2018. Please join us at the Spotlight on the ARTS Award presentating & Concert Gala on June 23. More details are Here on our Events Page


Open/Advanced (Gr. 10, ARCT)
1st Evelyn Liang
2nd Audrey Rieckenberg
3rd Matthew Rieckenberg

Senior (Gr 8 - 9)
1st Connor Taylor
2nd Megan O’Donnell
3rd Jasmine Leung

Intermediate (Gr. 5 - 7)
1st Riley Ma
2nd Aahan Shenai
3rd Ava Wright

Junior (Gr. 2 - 4)
1st Sarah McFadden
2nd Finn Taylor
3rd Joshiah Hughes
Connor Wagner

Best Performance of a Romantic Piece
Gregory Vandikas

Best Musicianship Int. Senior
Gregory Vandikas

Best Performance of a Canadian Piece (Jury)
Jasmine Leung

Own Composition
Quinn Bales


1st James Law
2nd Yi Wei Zhou
3rd Dana McBride

1st Christina Zhang
2nd Jenny Shijia Liu
3rd Sophia Muto

1st Harrison Vandikis
2nd Holland Nye
3rd Soumya Ananth


Best Overall Vocal Ensemble (+5 people - School)
ACHE Junior/Intermediate

Best Overall Vocal Ensemble (+5 people - Community)
Crazy Pants Theatre Company

Best Overall Drama
Sean Bagha

Classical Gr. 8+
Laurel McBride

Classical Gr. 6 - 7
1st Sophia Facassi
2nd Elizabeth Hargreaves

Classical Gr. 4 - 5
1st Zoe Sheviak
2nd Vincenzo Fracassi

Classical Gr. 1 - 3
1st Luis Rodriguez
2nd Nathan Butler

Musical Theatre 21+
Inken Koelmel

Musical Theatre 15 - 17 yrs
1st Miranda Carter
2nd Larrissa Hughes

Musical Theatre 11 - 14 yrs.
1st Marie Conceico
2nd Sophia Fracassi

Musical Theatre up to 10 yrs.
1st Ezra Fracassi
2nd Luis Rodriguez

Most promising Female Vocalist
Sophia Fracassi

Most Promising Male Vocalist
Curtis Meyers

Best Duet/Small Ensemble (up to 5 people)
Jasper Taylor, Nathan Butler, Tessa Moore

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