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Handcrafted two layer fabric masks. Some masks have an additional pocket for the insertion of a third filter layer.

Fabric Mask - This is NOT a medical grade mask. Please follow all government mandates when protecting yourself from COVID-19.

We suggest the following:

  • Your mask is meant to stop the spread of your own
    germs to others, while offering you some protection
    against contracting the virus from others.

  • You must continue to maintain both social distancing
    (keep a minimum of 6 feet, in all directions, between
    yourself and any other individual who does not live
    in your household) & excellent hand hygiene.

  • You must refrain from touching the mask while
    wearing it.

  • You must replace your mask if it gets damp or

  • You must disinfect your mask after Every use.
    (Easiest method: wash in hot soapy water, dry in hot
    dryer or sunlight)

**Due to its handcrafted nature each piece is one of a kind. At time of packing your order we will choose from current inventory. If you have a request for a particular colour, material, etc. please let us know in the “Notes” section during check out. We will do our best to accommodate your wishes.**

Price: $14.00 CAD