Exhibit Submission Details

  • Use our online forms to apply. It will ask you to submit good quality digital photo uploads, product descriptions, sizes, etc.
  • All work displayed on location at FortyOne must be for sale. You are asked to provide and set the retail price of all artwork. SSAC takes a 30% commission of the total gross sale. *Artwork in other exhibits like Arts on Main and Youth Arts do not require the work be fore sale.
  • If you are applying for an Exhibit at FortyOne, you must first be an approved vendor. Please visit our Store Vendor page CLICK HERE

  • Vendors are responsible for remitting appropriate taxes. Vendors who are required to charge HST must include the tax in their price.
  • Appointments will be made to drop off approved inventory.
  • All art must be finished and dry. It must be framed (or finished canvas), wired according to store policy, and include the artist's name and title of the piece clearly labelled on the back of the piece.
  • Acceptance is conditional and not guaranteed.