Composition #11

Artist:Tiffany Folmeg
Size:28.8cm x 39.3cm.
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Artist Bio

TIFFANY FOLMEG is a sculptor, printmaker and photographer residing in York Region, Ontario. Her practice consists of traditional techniques such as carving stone and woodblock printing. The beautiful world is the drive to her inspiration; she explores near and abroad, which strongly encourages her use of raw and natural materials in her practice.

Tiffany also teaches visual arts and physical education for the YRDSB. She acquired her BFA with Special Honours in Visual Arts from York University and her Teaching and Learning Diploma from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. She has had the opportunity to live, travel and teach in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, and Fiji; which has had great guidance on her art practice. Experiences and involvement with traditional art forms from these locations has granted her the insight she yearns for further conceptual developments.