1000 Words: An Inspired Writing - <i>Baby Bear</i>

1000 Words: An Inspired Writing - Baby Bear

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

This spring SSAC has ushered in a new collaborative exhibit between our Visual Artists and Writers. Compelling and evocative images inspired stories and poetry of joy and sorrow, fear and longing.

Both the images and the accompanying writing will be shared in store, online, and featured here in our blog throughout the next seven weeks.

Artwork Created By: Mary Lou Leitch
Medium: Acrylic and Ink on acid-free paper

Baby Bear
Written by Dian Bowers

Grandma held the needle in her deformed hand as she skillfully manoeuvred the quilted material. Arthritis took away her beloved craft but there was one more piece of art that she had to create. Grandma painted a picture with vibrant printed textiles, using her needle as a visual artist uses a brush to paint her subject. Her grandchild at her knee watches every stitch. Grandma winces every so often as the creation was taking its toll on her hands.

"Tell me about the picture Grandma," her granddaughter asks.

Grandma explained that it's about a mother's love for her child as they both journey through life. How she teaches and how baby bear learns. It's how she will grow old and how she has taught little bear to care.

"Care for what?" her granddaughter asks.

"Care for the wildflowers in this field."

Grandma points to the flowery print. "Care for the forests that the animals and we share." She points to the pine trees. "The rivers where we fish for food," she says as she points to the blue material that snakes its way around the bears. But the greatest of all is the tenderness that a mother gives her little girl. Someday this little bear will grow up to be a mother too. Then it will be her job to nurture her many cubs.

"I see you as the little bear with so much of life to learn about, and the big bear as your mother who will teach you how to fish and what food to eat to keep you well. I can see you running through the wildflowers with the wind blowing through your fur, free and happy."

At last the quilt was finished and she wrapped it around her granddaughter. "Sweet dreams my little bear."

Thank you for reading! We hope you enjoyed this instalment of 1000 Works. Please stop by our store to enjoy the art in person if you have a chance.

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