Being an umbrella organization, it is composed of many individuals and groups in the area who are engaged in the arts (visual, dance, music, drama, literary, structural, architecture).

The South Simcoe Arts Council showcases artists of all levels through its “arts for all” programs which includes an 8 day Music Festival, a Choral Workshop, Youth & Emerging Arts Programs, many Visual Arts programs, Literary Arts for all ages, as well as Drama.

The popularity and calibre of its programs has been the impetus for growth. The South Simcoe Arts Council continues to partner with community organizations contributing to community festivals offering opportunities to artists to participate in such festivals as the Beeton Garden & Honey Festival, the Tottenham Bluegrass Festival and the Potato Festival.

It also works to meet its goals in order to portray our vision of “Arts for All” by providing outreach programs throughout South Simcoe. Partnerships have developed among community organizations and municipal governments.

Mandate: To foster the cultural enrichment of South Simcoe by developing a widespread appreciation of, support for and involvement with the arts. To continually enhance our collaborations with our community partners, which in turn enrich and enhance arts and culture events.

Our overall Vision is “Arts for All.” Our Artistic Vision is: To inspire all artists to develop creatively; and, to enable them to feel encouraged to express themselves with new and fresh approaches; to provide forums for all artists to share their work and talent in our communities.

Our specific Artistic Goal is to increase our series of educational workshops for all youth, emerging and new generation artists; to strengthen skills and share knowledge; to educate all artists to the use of social media for their benefit, thus capturing their further interest.