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How to Grow a Good Song by The Carrot Sticks
Oct 7, 2019 | Music

The process of growing a good song is simple and easy if you follow The Carrot Sticks’ song writing recipe for success...

A Brief Introduction to Chainmail
Aug 27, 2019

By Shona Cairncross

The term chainmail is derived from the French maille, the root of which is the Latin word macula, the mesh of a net. It often calls to mind images of knights dressed in armour crafted of interwoven metal links that could block the thrust of a sword or turn the point of an arrow.

Reflections: From a Dyslexic Learner
Aug 7, 2019

By Pamela Meacher

"Dyslexia will always be a silent reminder that the written world will never be completely mine. My family often says that there are times when I still write in Pameleze, not English. Living with my mirrored brain has also given me a hunger and an appreciation of books through different eyes. "

Reflections on Writing  From a Creative Accountant
Jul 23, 2019

By Angie Rose-Carnegie

Sometimes, all it takes is a little recognition to encourage a passion.

Jul 16, 2019

By Sarah O'Donnell

Imagine having art classes being offered in your local downtown.

Then you find out they are being facilitated by professional working artists that are getting paid nationally recommended instructor rates for artists. Now you find out that the pricing is flexible and you can literally ‘Pay What You Can’.

Book Review - Author Judy Penz Sheluk
Jul 1, 2019

Judy Penz Sheluk – Bestselling author of the Marketville Mystery and Glass Dolphin Mystery series brings us Past & Present: A Marketville Mystery

Adjudication for Arts on Main 2019
Jun 6, 2019 | visual arts

For 15 years, the South Simcoe Arts Council has been showcasing the talent of local visual artists in our annual Arts on Main Juried Exhibition. During this time we have been proud to display many thoughtful and skilled pieces which have conveyed artistic interpretation in a variety of mediums.

Call for Submissions
Dec 5, 2018 | visual arts

SSAC is seeking photography for our upcoming show at our shop FortyOne
A SSAC Members’ Show and Sale of Photography
@ Forty One from January 9th - mid February
Deadline for submissions January 8th

**Holiday Basket Bonanza**
Nov 28, 2018

The SSAC Office is so excited to announce that we have TWO beautiful baskets packed with goodies to be raffled of between now and December 17. Tickets are only $5 each and you can get 5 for $20. Tickets are available at our shop, FortyOne, and through some of our members and volunteers. Come on by and get yours today and support SSAC & its programs.

Now introducing...FortyOne: Local Art Market
Nov 24, 2018

DRUM ROLL PLEASE....We are excited to announce the new name for our wonderful retail shop - FortyOne: Local Art Market.