1000 Words: An Inspired Writing - <i>Down By the Dock</i>

1000 Words: An Inspired Writing - Down By the Dock

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

This spring SSAC has ushered in a new collaborative exhibit between our Visual Artists and Writers. Compelling and evocative images inspired stories and poetry of joy and sorrow, fear and longing.

Both the images and the accompanying writing will be shared in store, online, and featured here in our blog throughout the next seven weeks.

Artwork Created By: John Schmelefske
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Down By the Dock
Written by Peter Frost-Corking

A breeze caressed my cheeks as I gazed at the clear blue water. My brother Hank stood at the end of the dock, his arms stretched upwards and his hands clasped together, as if each hand were trying to pull the other ever higher into the clear blue sky. Closer to me was Dad, lost in some crossword, his feet dangling in the water.
So clear, so blue … and so peaceful! There was only the soft lapping of the water against the dock, and the distant hum of a chainsaw in the forest. Yet I didn't feel at peace.
"Hey Timbits!" It was Hank calling out to me. "How about a dip in the lake?"
"No way! It's friggin' cold!"
"Doesn't seem so cold to Dad."
"He's just tickling his feet. The first few inches are warm enough, but deeper down it's freezing."
Hank smiled and again stretched himself skywards. My old man was off in his own world, no doubt looking for a term that means "headland" and "outer garment." I was still gazing at the clear blue water.
My brother slowly lowered his arms, as if trying to embrace the sky and the water. "C'mon Tim, it'll get your blood flowing and take your mind off things. Really, who needs an ATM when you've got all of this?"
I said nothing, perhaps because he was right. Before me lay a world that existed before money, before human problems, and before humanity itself. A less complicated world.
Dad put down his book and looked at me. "Tim, it's all some mistake. On Monday we'll go to the bank and sort things out. They've probably got the wrong person. Things like that don't normally happen, not in this country."
I said nothing, perhaps because he was right.

Thank you for reading! We hope you enjoyed this instalment of 1000 Works. Please stop by our store to enjoy the art in person if you have a chance.

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