The South Simcoe Arts Council was pleased to have had the expertise of Judith Gibson-Vick, Faculty Member, School of Design & Visual Art, Georgian College adjudicate the art for both the Alice Forestell Best of Show Awards; along with juror awards demonstrating the level of achievement of the artists.

The two “Best of Show Awards” were established to honour Alice’s passion for the visual arts and to encourage further study by participants.

The Adjudicator’s Assignment was:
To view the art in person and to provide written, positive, constructive feed back to the participants in both the Youth Arts and Emerging Arts Show for awards as set out by the South Simcoe Arts Council.
In addition to the Alice Forestell “Best of Show Award”, the Board also provided for Juror’s Awards.
To maintain one’s anonymity in the jury process, the art pieces were titled with the participant’s initials. This was important to us as many of the participants were members or related to the membership. The age of the youth participants were also taken into consideration.
We are thrilled to announce the participant’s achievements, as follows:
Emerging Arts
Alice Forestell Award Mike Schultz $150
Second Prize Rosemarie Ainge $ 45
Third Prize Shona Cairncross $ 25

Youth Arts Show
Alice Forestell Award Bridgett Hollmann $100
Juror Award: Amelia Curry $ 25
Anderson Dinnick-Schultz$ 25
Evelyn Hollman $ 25

The participant’s work can be viewed up until Saturday, October 29 at 41 Victoria Street East, Alliston, ON Participants will be recognized at an Award event to be determined.

For more information: 705-435-2378