Blog - Andrew Rivett, Ciniki invites you to an Information Session

Many of our members have enquired over the past few years about web sites, how to catalogue their artwork and market them. For some, it has been overwhelming as their focus is their art not their technology skills!

Andrew Rivett has streamlined this process, with ease. Andrew who has a love of the arts has been the creator of our new website. Coupled with that, Andrew has worked with SSAC to reduce the amount of time to be spent on our data entry as we go forward.

The Board has entered into a collaborative effort with Ciniki (Andrew) to provide members of the Arts Council a unique opportunity to participate in the use of technology in the promotion, development and marketing of their products and/or person through their presence on the World Wide Web. For Ciniki, it provides an opportunity for the testing, development and promotion of their products through a reputable and active membership of artists/artisans.

We encourage you to join Andrew for these sessions. For more information about Ciniki, go to