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The date to submit your application to participate in this spring's Arts On Main Juried Exhibition is fast approaching. This year's exhibition is open to Youth, Emerging and Experienced artists.
To participate in this year's Arts on Main Juried Exhibition, download, complete and submit your Application to participate by May 4
Submit your work between May 9 - May 12
The event runs from May 15 - June 26
This year's theme is Compassion, Canvas & Community - expressing colours and images in a life affirming way. The South Simcoe Arts Council is proud to be partnering with Matthews House Hospice in presenting this year's Arts on Main event.
Building a Compassionate Community is about working together to recognize and affirm the positive in each other and what is around us. A compassionate community is caring, benevolent, empathetic, gentle and kind. What gives you hope and affirms life within your community?
If you are a realistic artist, images that might evoke hope could be someone helping another, the smile of a friend. A life affirming site might be a field swaying in a gentle summer breeze, sunlight being caught on a flower petal.
If you are an abstract artist, the use of certain combinations of colours and shapes might lift and encourage your spirit to soar. How do you demonstrate gentleness, kindness, hope and love through your use of line, shape, form, space, colour, value and texture? How would you organize those elements to create a sense or feeling of positively energized harmony and balance? Would your portrayal include rhythm, movement, variety and emphasis?
This year's Arts on Main Juried Exhibition is a celebration of life and hope found right here in our community, our compassionate community.
Contact us with any questions at or stop in to see us at 41 Victoria St. E., Alliston.