Q & A with Artist Antonio Lampreia

Q & A with Artist Antonio Lampreia

We are excited to feature SSAC member & artist Antonio Lampreia of Alliston.

Q. As an artist Antonio what is the medium you use? Do you ever combine mediums? Describe how or why you might do so.

I paint in acrylics mainly, plus watercolour and I have some experience with oils. I tend to use one medium on the painting I am working on. Writing is also an art so yes I might combine some prose or poetry of local writer Michelle Dinnick on some of my pieces.

Q. When did you become an artist? Have you found it easy to say,"I am an artist"?

Expressing myself through painting and other art forms is just me. Yes I am pleased to call myself an artist.

Q. Do you have a mentor or some special influence that has contributed to your growth in your artistic creativity? How has this or someone particular influenced you? If this is a person are they also an artist?

I admire many of the old masters-- Van Gogh is a favourite of mine. Through my art I have met many local artists and they too have encouraged me to move forward in my ability as an artist.

Q. When you begin a new work do you have a set routine or some specific steps to start the process?

Painting for me is an ongoing process. I rework many of my pieces until they represent what I was attempting to capture.

Q. Do you have a favourite subject that you are drawn to? What do you think is the reason for this?

I like to paint plein air as I am drawn to the beauty that surrounds all. Sometimes social events do stir my creativity. I have created some paintings focussing on animals. I tend to paint things that give me a good feeling.

Q. Do you have your own studio or specific place that you work in?

My home is my studio when I am not capturing something outside.

Q. Does your art require specific tools, supports, or time requirements that would add to your ability to successfully complete a piece?

I tend to be more successful when I work on several paintings simultaneously. The tools I use are typical for a visual artist such as my paints, brushes, canvasses or whatever surface I am working on.

Q. What would you suggest as a way to begin, to assist someone interested in learning your art?

Through seeing my art I hope to inspire others to try to capture what inspires them. Just play with the medium to explore.

Q. What are some challenges you have faced as an artist and what helped you overcome them?

I only sold a few paintings and realized that perhaps that was not the best way to measure my ability as an artist. I decided to paint for enjoyment, a sort of play therapy.

Q. When you have dry spells or blanks in the creative process how do you deal with it?

I try to do some kind of painting daily, even if only a little. It helps also to watch videos of other artists as that increases my desire to do more.

Q. What is one of your memorable successes in relation to your work?

I had been commissioned to paint a couple of paintings, then sold a couple more. This helped me to develop my personal expression.

Q. Do you have a quote or phrase that you like to use?

"Love conquers all," is a favourite of mine.

Q. Do you accept commissions?

I will gladly accept commissions.

Q. If our readers are interested to know or see more of your work how would you like them to contact you?

Answer: If readers would like to purchase or enquire about my work they may visit my SSAC Member Profileor visit FortyOne: Local Art Market, in Alliston.