Open Applications - Modern Renaissance

Jun 6, 2024 - Jul 31, 2024

Modern Renaissance
Infuse found art/thrift store finds with new life & make them your own. Paint over, print on, dismantle, reassemble, collage...the possibilities are as endless as your imagination

The deadline for submission is May 30, 2024 and is open to all SSAC Members

To apply for this exhibit, please login to your member account via SSAC's website and choose "Apply to Modern Renaissance" from the Gallery drop down menu.

Roslyn Levin has practiced sumi-e or Japanese brushstroke painting, since 1976 & Japanese calligraphy since 2009 having as sensei's, respectively, Tomoko Kodama and Noriko Maeda.

She have painted professionally since 1981. Her work has appeared in both national and international exhibits in Canada as well as in group exhibits in China, and Japan sponsored by Group Yohaku--white space. Her work has also appeared in juried exhibits in London, England. Her paintings are in art collections in Holland, Australia, Great Britain and the United States.

Briana Jarvis is an artist from Alliston Ontario who works primarily in oils. Briana started painting at a young age and developed her skills in the arts as a self-taught artist. She is now in an art program in order to improve and develop her skills in order to paint in a traditional and realistic style. Briana’s artwork takes inspiration from the world around her which inspires her to create works of art that are not just beautiful, but also have important meanings that are shown through symbolism. Briana is a freelance artist who has been painting for the last three years. In high school, Briana won the Innisfil Studio Tour - Youth Art Award for her painting “Growth from Knowledge” in 2014 and the Proficiency Award, Fine Art Award for most improved student in fine arts in 2015. Briana’s painting “The Clarinet” won best in show for the 2023 Spring Student Art Exhibition for Evolve Artist.

"To be creative is to let little pieces of your heart go & place them into each project you make".

For as long as I remember I have been into almost anything and everything creative! I've gone through all the fads – macramé, folk art, ceramics, knitting, needlepoint and cross stitch. Things I can make for myself and for other people make me happy! Saying that, I haven't always had the amount of time to devote to my creativity that I would have liked as I raised 3 wonderful daughters, worked full time plus, and had a very busy life. Once I retired in 2020 and moved to Angus I have devoted much more time and energy into keeping busy with artful endeavours. It is my happy place!

I am a visual artist and photographer working mainly in watercolour, pen and inks and photography. I love light and colour and strive to continuously be learning new ways to be creative, inspired and to have fun!

Stained Glass Art inspired by the beauty of nature: window panels, lamps, and garden art, such as stepping stones.

Vanessa embarked on her artistic journey at the age of 14, immersing herself in the dynamic world of art. Now in her early 20s, Vanessa has already achieved remarkable milestones. From working at a museum and teaching children's art classes to participating in numerous group exhibitions, her artistic talent knows no bounds.

Drawing inspiration from the motifs of women, nature, and the profound concept of death, Vanessa's art explores the intricate interplay between these themes. She captures the essence of femininity, celebrating the diverse forms and empowering spirit of women. Nature serves as her muse, as she skillfully portrays its raw beauty and the fragile balance between humanity and the natural world. Additionally, Vanessa fearlessly delves into the enigmatic realm of death, contemplating its mysteries and provoking introspection through her thought-provoking artworks.

Within the walls of her studio, 9 Feet Under, Vanessa fearlessly explores the realms of collage, digital painting, and a diverse range of mediums. Her captivating artistry not only reflects her lifelong dedication and creative spirit but also invites viewers to contemplate the themes that shape her artistic vision.

FortyOne: Local Art Market

FortyOne: Local Art Market

Since 2015 the South Simcoe Arts Council (SSAC) has been providing a retail space for local artisan entrepreneurs with our store front, FortyOne: Local Art Market in downtown Alliston, to showcase and sell their work


FortyOne: Local Art Market
41 Victoria St E
Alliston, ON