SSAC & Member Artist Events - Wordsmiths Writers' Group

Tue Apr 16, 2024 - 1pm - 3pm

Wordsmith Creative Writing

We are a group of writers, of all skill levels, with a passion to write. We support and encourage, regularly challenging each other with new ways to tell our stories. Join us!

We meet on the 1st & 3rd Tuesday of each month.

Prompt 1) On April 8th there will be a Total Solar Eclipse/ Write a story relating to what happened when the sun goes out in the daytime.

Prompt 2) Lets do some mystery writing. Your character is investigating a murder with a very unusual crime scene. The victim was left face-down in a room where everything else has also been turned upside-down or backwards; the chairs and the tables are upside-down; the paintings have been rehung facing the wall., flowers have been placed upside-down in their vase…

If interested in attending please contact Dian Bowers,

Location: New Tecumseth Public Library, Memorial Branch 17 Victoria Street East, Alliston