Events - Workshops - MB01 - Goat Milk Soap Workshop - Teen/Adult

Learn how to make your own Soap with Real Goat's Milk & Natural Ingredients
Free of harmful chemicals!

Join Mila Bon of LoFoSo Farms in a Goat Milk Soap Making Workshop that will teach you how to make your own goat milk soap from scratch with her proven recipe. Join us and learn about the benefits of all the many natural ingredients that can be used. Choose your own natural additives like essential oils, hand harvested sea salt, calendula, activated charcoal, Canadian Sea Kelp and more! Once your soap is poured you get to go home with the reusable molds AND receive a bar that is already cured, so you can use it right away!

What can you expect during this workshop?

- learn about the skin and health benefits of all the natural ingredients that can be used

- assistance with deciding what (optional) natural additives to add to your soap

- learn to make your own soap from scratch.

You will learn the step-by-step the process of old fashioned cold process soap making using goat's milk

For those interested we explain some of the science behind cold process soap making

If you enjoyed making the soap and you want to make another (double) batch at a later time, DIY kits will be available for $20

AND...You can browse Mila's soap selection and receive 25% off your purchase of LoFoSo Farm Soaps (Mila will be accepting cash or credit card for all purchases)

Class is limited to 8 participants. Please register early.

Included in this class: All ingredients + reusable molds you may keep + 1 extra soap bar that is already cured

Price:: $40.00 CAD


Sat Apr 27, 2019 11:00 AM - 1:30 PM


Mila Bon
Mila Bon

Mila Bon

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