Current Exhibits - Barbara J. Hilts

Apr 27, 2023 - Jul 27, 2023

Barbara Hilts work with textiles, has been a life long passion. Her love for the textile medium is represented in each sculptural piece, encompassing a number of techniques. Each piece is made from one piece of white silk cloth. Patterns are mapped out on the fabric, which is then dyed, steamed, and washed. The pieces are then embroidered, smocked, mounted and framed.
They are colourful and alive.

Barbara's studio and home is in Tottenham, Ontario, just north of Toronto. She attended Sheridan School of Design and completed her arts education at the Ontario College of Art majoring in Textile Design. After graduating in 1986, she continued her studies in Textile Sciences at the University of Guelph.
While at O.C.A., Barbara was introduced to hand painted silk. Under the company name of Angles, she designed and produced silk scarves for the Canadian and U.S. markets.

After many years of developing the surface of cloth with colour and pattern, Barbara has been investigating different techniques in cloth manipulation, altering the cloth's surface with, colour and stitch.

Barbara has won several awards for her work in both countries and continues to exhibit her work in shows and galleries in Ontario.
She continues to exhibit her work in shows and galleries in Ontario.

Arts in our Community

Arts in our Community

Arts in Our Community is a South Simcoe Arts Council program that partners with community businesses to provide local artwork for our public spaces. All artwork shown in Arts in Our Community exhibits is by local artists who are members of the South Simcoe Arts Council.


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