Current Exhibits - Diversion

Apr 10, 2024 - Jun 5, 2024

Step into the avant-garde world of Diversion, where artists have ventured into uncharted creative territories and try something new. This innovative exhibition introduces a groundbreaking exploration of a new mediums, captivating visitors with fresh perspectives and imaginative leaps. Diversion beckons you to embrace the unexpected, break free from the ordinary, and revel in the thrilling evolution of artistic expression through an exciting exploration of mediums.

The deadline for submission is April 3, 2024 and is open to all SSAC Members

To apply for this exhibit, please login to your member account via SSAC's website and choose "Apply to Diversion" from the Gallery drop down menu.

FortyOne: Local Art Market

FortyOne: Local Art Market

Since 2015 the South Simcoe Arts Council (SSAC) has been providing a retail space for local artisan entrepreneurs with our store front, FortyOne: Local Art Market in downtown Alliston, to showcase and sell their work


FortyOne: Local Art Market
41 Victoria St E
Alliston, ON