Current Exhibits - Kathy Melanson

May 31, 2024 - Aug 30, 2024

After many years of painting in a more realistic manner, Kathy has most recently been
investigating the interesting and often exciting world of abstract painting.

Her work often starts with a line drawing and then gets fleshed out with paint and painted
vellum which is collaged freely on the substrate, be it canvas or wooden panels. The decisions of colour and painting technique are largely an intuitive process with layers of paint and collage laid down, spritzed, scrubbed off and drawn through. Then layered again until complete. There is an element of history and archeology with older layers peeking through.

Considerations of proportion and negative space are as important as line, value and
colour. There has to be a balance between the active areas of the composition and the more spacious areas that allow for rest. Precise placement of the large and small elements of the painting are of prime importance.

Kathy's artistic adventure has included painting, drawing, printmaking, teaching, mural
and set painting. She has won several awards for her work. A lover of nature and the outdoors, inspiration often comes from our precious planet.

An active member of the local art scene for at least two decades, she lives in Alliston,
Ontario, Canada.

Instagram @blueplanetartist

Arts in our Community

Arts in our Community

Arts in Our Community is a South Simcoe Arts Council program that partners with community businesses to provide local artwork for our public spaces. All artwork shown in Arts in Our Community exhibits is by local artists who are members of the South Simcoe Arts Council.


Coffee Culture
36 Yong St.

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