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Jul 16, 2024 - Oct 17, 2024

Expressions of the Galapagos

Some years ago a friend of mine told me "if you want
an incredible experience, go for a trip to the Galapagos
His words resonated with me for long time until my wife
and I decided to go for the voyage: it was and
experience a beyond my expectations.

Accompanied by a guide, fourteen of us spent one
week touring several islands, taking pictures in land
and underwater.
We toured on a katamaran traveling at night and
exploring the islands during the day.
The natural beauty of the landscape of the volcanic
islands complements the variety of animal life and
vegetation that we experienced.
We were surrounded by animals that were not afraid of
us, they mostly ignored us and, as we walked between
them, they went along with their lives eating, sleeping,
feeding and sometimes even procreating.

It was a difficult task to select the images for this
exhibit, however I tried to provide to you, the viewer,
the expressions of the live creatures as I saw them
while we were there.

I would to suggest to anyone who is interested in
exploring life on this planet to take the trip to soak up
the beauty and the character of the Islands!

Max Grasso May

Arts in our Community

Arts in our Community

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