Be Light Wellness Coaching - Sarah O'Donnell

As an emotional resiliency coach I help people heal through what is holding them back. There is a path to real change and as a certified coach with the American Board of Hypnotherapy and NLP, I can help you find it.

In addition to being a certified coach, I have a BFA in Performings Arts & Theatre Education from Emerson College, Boston. I have spent years performing and producing theatre in both the USA & Canada. As a performing artist and educator, I have always found joy in working with others and helping them succeed in being their best selves.

For those in the arts community I have a unique perspective on how we as artists use our emotions and life experience in our work. Our emotional history can allow us to create incredible art and at times leave us feeling raw, stuck, and at a loss when trying to resolve all the feelings and tramas we tap into when we are creating. Having the right tools and support to resolve emotional loose ends will put you on on the path to being a more flexible, emotionally resilient, and healthy artist.

Is emotional resiliency coaching for you? Would you like:

  • Strong mental health
  • To have better communication skills
  • To heal old trauma
  • Set goals and fire up your motivation
  • To heal and release anxiety and fears

    No matter what your background, as your coach I get to work with you in creating a roadmap to becoming the most healthy, vibrant version of you.

    I invite you to visit my website and learn more.

    Sarah O'Donnell
    BFA, TLT, NLP, CHt

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