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Jan Atkinson

Former SSAC Board Member, Volunteer with Literacy Council of South Simcoe,"Next Step", as a tutor (2008), promoting community awareness of the importance of access to literacy training.

Alliston, ON L9R 1V8

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Ken Burns

66 Wellington St East, Alliston, ON L9R 1G8

Charles Cooper

Avid art supporter, SSAC Board Member, Treasurer and Photographer

Alliston, ON L9R 1R7

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David E. Dellhide - Toasted Cheese Studio
David E. Dellhide - Toasted Cheese Studio

David is a self taught award winning artist who favours marine themes and full rigged sailing ships of days past. He works in acrylic and oil, and is the owner of the Toasted Cheese Studio in Alliston where he lives with his wife Wendy.

Commissions by appointment


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Wendy Dellhide

Art, in its myriad of forms, preceded the written word and was the forerunner of civilization. I feel strongly, that Art must be preserved and supported wherever possible if civilization is to survive and overcome the follies of mankind.
Board Member

57 Boyne Crescent , Alliston, ON L9R 1K5

Pierre Duclos
Pierre Duclos

I am an artist whom uses a lifetimes travel and exposure of the worlds natural wonders as an inspiration in creating expressionist oils of North American landscapes.
Over the years with showings at jury-ed expositions I have been fortunate in receiving two consecutive second-placed finishes for amateurs at the Buckhorn Arts Festival.

Tottenham, ON

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Janine Harris-Wheatley

Through the Library and out of a deep personal interest, I am committed to fostering an awareness of culture because I believe strongly that arts and culture make our community a better, more inspiring place to live.

Tottenham, ON

Kate Howes

39 Dekker St, Everett, ON L0M 1J0

Imagery - David Aspenlieder
Imagery - David Aspenlieder

Visual artist, Illustrator, instructor; Musician (Fiddle), instructor-graphic designer. Write, play music for special/charitable events, house parties, personal requests. Write poetry, prose & adult/childrens' fiction. Creativity for the enrichment of life, fun and personal freedom, for everyone.

5898 Conc. 3, RR#3, Everett, ON L0M 1V0

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Harvey and Joyce Kolodny

Orangeville, ON

Matthews House Hospice

131 Wellington Street East, Alliston, ON L9R 1G7

Papermoon Lloyd's Gallery & Custom Framing - Heidi MacKenzie
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Tec- We- Gwill Women's Institute - Sylvia Plant

Our vision statement is we envision an Ontario where women work together for safe, healthy communities and pursue an enriched and balanced lifestyle. Our branch meets 4th Monday at our hall in Newton Robinson with speakers and host events that are of interest to our community.

4380 10th Line (RR#2), Bradford, ON L3Z 3L6
Federated Women's Institute of Ontario

John & Nancy Williams