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Susan Griesdale
Susan Griesdale

Composer, and teacher of Composition and advanced ARCT Piano Pedagogy at Gr. 8, 9 and 10 Levels.


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Kate Howes

39 Dekker St, Everett, ON L0M 1J0

Imagery - David Aspenlieder
Imagery - David Aspenlieder

Visual artist, Illustrator, instructor; Musician (Fiddle), instructor-graphic designer. Write, play music for special/charitable events, house parties, personal requests. Write poetry, prose & adult/childrens' fiction. Creativity for the enrichment of life, fun and personal freedom, for everyone.

5898 Conc. 3, RR#3, Everett, ON L0M 1V0

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Jet Tech Machine & Design Ltd.

Jet Tech designs and produces a wide range of products from various forms of material (metal, wood, plastic, etc.). Specializing in personalized signs and wall art, including the option of mounting to barn board.

171 Dufferin St. S Unit # 4, Alliston, ON L9R 1E7
Jet Tech Machine & Design Ltd.

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Shona Laraine Studio - Shona Cairn Cross

Shona Laraine Studio is the home base for the creative energy of visual artist and jewellery creator Shona Cairncross. With a focus on the genres of fantasy and science fiction, her imaginative and intricate illustrations are created primarily with pen and ink. She also creates images using specialized three dimensional rendering software.
Her jewellery is often as intricate as her images with an emphasis on chainmaille creations and wire wrapped techniques. Working in sterling silver, jewellers' brass, bronze, copper and niobium in combination with semi-precious stones, natural stones and crystal, her finished pieces are a perfect one-of-a-kind addition to any collection.
Commissions are always welcome.

Milton, ON L9T 3J5

True Blue Design & Fabrication - Jerry Walker

Graphic Design, Product Design, Exhibit & Display Design.
Designer Mfg. of Sandblasted Wood Signage.
Teacher of Design (Retired).
Wood, Metal, Glass, Plastics.
Community-Focussed Workshop Facilities.

48 Foresthill Dr R R 3, Everett, ON L0M 1J0

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