John Schmelefske

Art is a passion for me not a profession. While I have always been interested in painting, and have taken a few courses over the years, I was never able to dedicate myself to it until I retired from my day job over 15 years ago. I don't paint to sell paintings or to please an audience. I paint what appeals to me. I paint the things that inspire me and my attention span is short, so what inspires me today may not tomorrow. This is why I tend to bounce back and forth between different sub genres. Portraits, Landscapes, Still Life, Animals, I have never been able to commit to a single muse.

My eye is attracted to the natural world, and also humanity's place in that world. We fool ourselves into thinking we are the great creators, but there is little in art that is not already in nature. After all, we may think we are separate from nature, but we are part of it. We were born out of it and will never be separate from it. There is true humanity in the appreciation of nature. It helps remind us who we are.

I used to take my painting kit with me when I travelled, but I realized that stopping to paint just ate up time I could be using to enjoy and experience where I was. So I take pictures instead! With the quality of cell phone photos now, you don't even need to lug around a camera!

I take tons of photos, and from those photos I get my inspiration. Whether it be birding in Thailand, canoeing in Temagami, or hanging out at the cottage, I always come back with lots of subject matter for paintings. The touch point between man and nature is a magical interface. The looking glass of the soul (whatever that is).

Please enjoy my paintings.

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Alliston, ON L9R 1V4
Home: 705-435-1623

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