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Kristin Larsen is a transformational health coach who coaches in the area of heart centered living and inner leadership. His new release, Joy of Being, is a reflection journal workbook that gives guidance for helping others to understand and be present in their lives while seeing joy each day. The meaning of his title explores Larsen's approach to a way of being in life—who we are being each day, and how we are living in the present.

Larsen has been published in Preferred Magazine and is the co-author of Decision to Heal: Pathways From Suffering to Love. The discussion of his topics extend to various podcasts abroad. His writings focus on mindset, mindfulness, self-compassion, and inner leadership. The inspiration for Joy of Being started with a concept of achieving goals and self-improvement. Through coaching and learning, it evolved into incorporating the concepts of presence to be happy with inner peace.

Larsen's favorite part of the writing process in Joy of Being was developing the daily journaling pages. He hopes that by incorporating journaling, introspection, and practical tips, his readers gain a clear understanding of what presence is and how they can apply it in their lives while forming the habit change needed for continual commitment.

When he is not helping his readers to become present, live with gratitude, and focus on positivity, Larsen enjoys exercising, being in nature, exploring creativity, and spending time with family and friends. He lives in Angus, Ontario, Canada.

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