Kate Ramos

Beginnings- Textured Art Journey :

I have been painting my whole life, and have been expressing myself visually to others for years. It is how I speak to the world. Around 10 years ago inspiration struck and I started to create textures in my paintings for people to touch. My hope is others will enjoy the different textures on their fingertips or to imagine the scale of a tree, a mountain or the perspective in our environment. So I felt the blind might directly benefit from my work and I have shared many of my paintings with patrons of the CNIB.
It’s been a long road gaining experience and experimenting with acrylic paints. I have created many different textures and developed many techniques and tools to achieve a visual and textural experience for everyone to try.
Every time I am in my studio new ideas and textures are born.
The look on people’s faces as they try touching one of my paintings gives me such joy and happiness, it is such an honour to be a part of it all.