Quirky Calico Designs - Daina Marie Schreiber

Welcome to Quirky Calico Designs, a shop specializing in original and one of a kind handmade jewelry created by Daina Schreiber. You won't find any common or mass-produced products here. My style is colourful with a little funk! Think of a chunky purple, green and copper necklace or an orange and blue purse with buckles.

I have always had a love of handmade products and relish supporting local artisans in my travels. I particularly look for pieces that are colourful, unique and quirky. When I was little, I found it hard to find products that fit that style. So, I did the next best thing… I started to make the things I couldn't find.

Experimenting with different forms of art quickly turned into a therapeutic outlet for me. I love trying new artforms to see what appeals to me. I am constantly taking classes and trying new techniques to expand my knowledge and keep my products fresh. Although I have explored numerous types of art, I seem to always find my way back to handmade jewelry.

Every element that goes into my jewelry is handpicked by me. I love to spend hours finding the right beads and findings for my pieces. As a Professional Geologist, I gravitate towards quality natural gemstones. However, as I like to use large beads, I find that sticking only to gemstones can make necklaces too heavy to wear. So, I like to pair these stones with beautiful glass, wood, shell and bone beads to not only create a lighter piece that's easier to wear, but also adds interesting textures to create a truly unique piece.

I welcome custom requests and will work with you to create a custom piece that is bound to make a statement!

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