Sandra Beatt

Sandra Beatt is a painter and printmaker. She creates to explore the relationships that we have to our surroundings. Her appreciation, love and concern for the natural environment began at an early age while exploring the fields, forests, streams and ponds that surrounded her childhood home.
Sandra graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design in Drawing and Painting. In her final year she spent four months of independent study at the college studio in Florence, Italy.

Artist Statement
'The making of pictures provides a space/place for my mind to explore the relationship of the individual to the whole of society and of the individual to his/her surroundings. I explore the relationship, the space between, the divide, the border. As I question and search, explore and discover, I am inspired to write and to produce pictures. I am taken down many paths, often at the same time. I attempt to make sense out of what I have discovered…where I am at this time and in this space.'

Contact Info

Alliston, ON

Additional Images

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