Sherry Thompson

I am Sherry Thompson (Barton). As a photographer, my photos are a study in what is missed, seen but not seen. I want to show you what you walk by...

My philosophy is to blend art and beauty and I am passionate about encouraging people not to settle for the ordinary in life but to explore. I believe in surrounding yourself with pieces that have meaning, a story and inspire you to live "Life to the Fullest".

Sherry has been experiencing nature's opportunity for the majority of her life by living in Mexico, New Brunswick and various Ontario locations. She appreciates the diversity and beauty that natural surroundings have to offer.

Possessing the ability to notice and appreciate the growth and change that each season brings - whether it's landscape, flora or fauna - gives her the chance to capture its magnificence which is showcased by her works.

She captures what nature offers to the world. Sherry's photos show an appreciation for nature captured by the lens that some might not get to see, bringing the outside in.
The simplest element is not so simple when portrayed in the eyes of nature.

The out-of-doors is depicted through the works that Sherry preserves in her photography bringing pleasure and admiration to both the artist and the observer.

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Tottenham, ON

FortyOne: Local Art Market

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