Suu Taylor

I graduated from the University of Windsor with an Honours degree in Vocal performance and have been teaching and performing for over 30 years. I teach voice and piano to students of all ages and levels using classical, contemporary, and musical theatre repertoire. I love to challenge students to strive for excellence, using strong musical technique, smart practise habits, and music that excites and inspires. Learning music is about so much more than just the music - it develops the whole person. Students in my studio learn to work independently, use learning techniques that apply to any life skill, set and meet goals, and perform with confidence. Humour and respect are used in equal measure to make lessons fun.

Students perform in seasonal studio recitals and local Music Festivals. Preparation for RCM exams and auditions is available. Students from my studio have won awards at local and provincial levels as well as successfully auditioned for post-secondary music programs. I have been involved in coordinating SSAC's Music Festival since 2014, and have been the Executive Director of SSAC since 2018.

I began creating jewellery for my own use around 2010 (in my spare time!). I soon had a whole drawer full of semi-precious gemstones that were begging to be used, so I progressed from beading to creating jewellery using sterling silver and gemstones. I love the challenge of taking an idea and designing a new piece that is structurally sound, comfortable and beautiful. My work can be purchased at SSAC's FortyOne:Local Art Market.

Contact Info

89 Walkem Dr
Tottenham, ON L0G 1W0
Cell: 705-440-8323

FortyOne: Local Art Market

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