Tabitha's true passion is in the local community. As an active member of the South Simcoe Arts Council, Beeton Fall Fair, and The Cookstown Chamber, she shares the commitment and need for arts and branding in the community with her local council members.

In her time away from marketing and event planning, she is a commissioned artist. She has promoted her work through her website and multiple social platforms. With her marketing background she has worked with corporate and charity associations to bring art features into conferences, galas and trade events.

Tabitha's dream is to become an active member in the community and continue to promote the arts using her creative and marketing skills.

Find her on social media:

Visual Arts Teacher, Specializing in:

  • Virtual/In Person Lessons
  • Group/Private Lessons
  • Corporate/Personal Atmosphere
  • Adult/Teen/Children Skill Set

    Techniques/Styling for Classes:

  • Acrylic on Canvas Or Wood Paneling
  • Landscape with reference images

  • Contact Info

    Beeton, ON
    Home: 647-232-7479

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