The Carrot Sticks - Stephen John

"The Carrot Sticks – “are Artists who sing with power and emotion."

"Energy and passion drives their music with a down to earth beat and memorable catchy melodies that haunt you long after the first listen. From hurting love songs to upbeat Contemporary Country Folk tunes, there's something for everyone in their vast repertoire of original compositions."

"Performances are lively and full of musical energy that is a highlight on stage not found in many other artists. You won't nod off to sleep when The Carrot Sticks sing their songs to you."

"Anne Marie’s sweet angelic harmonies will keep your attention focused on the"
"melodic qualities of the concert and help you realize these two performers make beautiful music together."

"Stephen John’s songs are very rhythmic and have extra strong hooky refrains that you"
"often find yourself singing along with or humming days later when that tune you heard at one of their performances won't get out of your head. His songs are that good and that well written."

"Musically Speaking-"
"Stephen John has no formal musical training of any kind and he is self taught for guitar and vocals. But that has never stopped this new and exciting artist from creating powerful songs full of passion and emotion and he just loves to perform in front of an audience where his personality shines bright."

"Anne Marie has a musical background in teaching piano and is the assistant director of the York Region Community Choir."

"So sit back and enjoy the show!"
"However be prepared to tap your feet, get up and dance, and sing along with their catchy tunes."

"The Carrot Sticks say- “Music is good for the soul and nothing is going to stop them from sharing it with their fans."

"Influences - Neil Young, John Denver, Stu Davis, Gordon Lightfoot, David Bowie"

Contact Info

Bradford, ON L3Z 2V2