Pop Art Pups and Purrs

Level: Beginner
Medium: Mixed Arts
Ages: 6+

Do you live with a dog, cat, bird, horse, llama…? Or have another favorite creature that you would like make a portrait of?
This is a really cool way to paint - colorful, fun and oh SO easy!
Bring an 8x10" photocopy of a picture of YOUR favourite creature friend, or use one of the pictures that I'll bring.
We will transfer the images in a very easy and cool way, do our outlines in marker, then block in with bold or soft colours - whichever you prefer.
If you can hold a marker YOU can create an amazing painting!

SSAC Member Price$25.00
Non-Member Price$28.00


Wednesday Mar 13, 2024 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM


We will be using 8x10" photocopies
We place the images inside a ziplock bag, then trace the big shapes using dry erase markers
Place your paper over the bag, rub, and your lines will transfer
We will then trace, draw, or scribble on our outlines to get a bold black image using Sharpie (waterproof) markers
Then colour our beautiful animal portraits using watercolour -filling in big shapes with bold color

Additional Images

Instructor - Shelly Hawley-Yan

Instructor - Shelly Hawley-Yan

Shelly Hawley-Yan is the mama bear of On Dragon Wings Studio - a family studio in Caledon

All three artists; Shelly, Emma & Connor love to create in diverse media - but our subjects are almost always animals and the world we share.

Wild creatures that share our fragile environment, farm friends and companion animals, we are inspired by the creatures around us

Shelly creates small scale and miniature pieces in digital media, rich coloured pencils, delicate inks, or scratchboard.
Emma creates beautiful whimsical acrylics, inks and watercolours
And Connor creates large scale murals in spray paints, lush oils on canvas and bold inks.

Custom projects are always welcome - we would love to discuss your creative vision!